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Keralanka – embracing the beauty of everything going wrong

Being comfortable in your own skin is a challenge for many of us. Embracing your quirks – the things that make you stand out – and being open to the unexpected, is something that captures the very essence of Toronto-based hip-hop duo Keralanka. In this interview they talk about embracing their identities, everything going wrong, what defined their childhoods and the catalyst which triggered them to lunge towards their dreams.

Death Race for Love

Under 2018 dominerade 20-årige Juice WRLD (Jarad Higgins) topplistorna med sin hit Lucid Dreams. 2019 är han till­baka med albumet Death Race for Love. Det känns som om Juice WRLD pepprat idéer utan att sikta. Då och då träffar han måltavlan, men aldrig mitt i prick.