This Week in Improv
This Week in Improv

This Week in Improv

February 12th

The improv week kicks off on Wednesday with Improverket’s VM i impro, a battle to the death between local (and not-so-local) performers.

(Language: Swedish)

Link: VM i impro

February 15th

Impram is putting on a special show at Frilagret on Saturday at 6pm. Come and check out The Impram Show!

(Language: English)

Link: The Impram Show

February 16th

On Sunday, Cult impro is hosting its second Cult impro eve of 2020 at KonstKollektivet in Mölndal. Between 3pm and 7pm, you can see the Impromaniacs in battle action, participate in an open session, and/or watch a performance by Living Mistakes.  

(Language: Swenglish)

Link: Cult impro eve

If you or your group have an improv event to promote, please email us at .

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